Thursday, 11 October 2012

October 13th 2012 Nostalgic Mix Fair Totnes

Nostalgic Mix Sellers October 13th 2012
Shabby Chick (Amanda)
Sara Rose Textiles (selling rag rugs and more)
Bustle and Sew (Helen)
Sue Garratt (selling retro styled goodies and more)
Di Hawkins (selling vintage clothing)
The Washerwoman (Jack and Lizzie)
International Quality Kitsch (Leonore)
Cycles Vintage Clothing (Clare)
Recycloanalyst (Anne)
Scallywags (Maddy)
Stewart and Hazel Lincoln (selling a vintage/retro mix)
Salssnippets Vintage Fabrics (Sal)
Philippa Potts
Vintage by Nature (Auriol & Sue)
Peagreen Furniture (Sam Sunshine)
Rosiebud Designs (Jill)
Wiggiewoo (Yasmin)
Vintage Clothing (Jennie)
Richard and Norman (selling vintage and retro)
Alice’s Teaparty (Julia)
Serena Tucker (selling a vintage mix)
Taylor Made Creations (Patsy)
Sue Lewis (selling vintage china and more)
More Tea Vicar (Avril’s retro teashop beneath the stage)
Jill Gibbs
Jenny Moore
Caroline aka Pantoloons
Elizabeth Gale
This’n’That (Lesley)
Bits and Pieces (Paul)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Where to find news of Nostalgic Mix and This'n'That

In future all news of the fairs and of This'n'That on the road will appear on the This'n'That blog.
Please click on the picture below to be redirected. Thanks.